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Traci Reed is an illustrator and graphic designer with 15 years of experience in the scrapbooking industry. Traci has had a passion for scrapbooking since she was just 9 years old and at just 19 years old, she started her career in the industry via the booming digital scrapbooking market and as her product line has evolved, she’s found her true passion is providing paper scrapbookers with easy solutions for accessing and using digital files via the printables she provides.

Over the years, she’s taught many classes on digital scrapbooking techniques both on Creative Live and at Scrapaneers. Nowadays, her true passion is providing education on using digital techniques and products in your physical scrapbooking, planning and crafting projects via YouTube and IGTV.

In 2014, she became one of the lead designers for Simple Stories and rekindled her own spark and passion for paper scrapbooking. She’s currently a very prolific scrapbooker and posts her work and sneak peeks at new designs on Instagram (where she is most active and responsive to messages) and has hundreds of scrapbooking process videos up on YouTube!